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Service available to family members

A Completely New Service model never before seen in Aged Care

family members

Grow Wellbeing acknowledges Family members as an important component within our service provision.


Family members can experience significant Psychological hardship as loved one enter an Aged Care Facility.

Denial, anger, guilt and frustration can lead Family members to experience stress leading at times to Facility disruption and conflict.

Complaints are very common within the Aged Care industry and we believe Grow Wellbeing Family support is an invaluable service that help our clients reduce complaints and deal with conflict resolution issues in a professional and effective manner while minimising loss of valuable staff time.

Service Available to Family Members include:

Mediation and Advocacy

Grow Wellbeing offers support to Residents Family members through phone and/or face to face meetings. Mediation is a process used to help Family members resolve disputes with Aged Care Providers. Our staff of Social Workers and Psychologists use a therapeutic frame of thinking while supporting Family members and are trained in conflict resolution, working towards helping Family members identify the core issues and develop options that lead to mutually satisfactory outcomes.

Accessing Grow Wellbeing mediation and Advocacy Service can be achieved through direct phone or face to face contact by the Family Member or through a Clinical staff or management into Grow Wellbeing referral booklet.

Group sessions and informal counselling

Grow Wellbeing offers support to Family members through offering access to 10, 50 minute group sessions, per Family member per calendar year. These sessions are run either in conjunction with Resident group sessions or separately if sufficient numbers of Family members are referred to Grow Wellbeing Services. Treatments used for Family members include relaxation techniques, Psycho-education and general moral support, run by one of are trained, caring staff members. 

Informal counselling can be provided to Family members either through face to face contact or phone call, during weekly allocated Facility referral time.   

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