In-School Program

The mental health needs of school students are complex and on the rise. Increased rates of anxiety, sleep problems, depression, behavioural and attention deficit disorders have been evidenced. Schools are often perceived as the primary support for student mental health and wellbeing, leading many schools across Australia to develop in-house wellbeing programs and support services. This is adding extra complexities to teaching roles, whilst using valuable school funds to deliver these services. 

​At Grow Wellbeing we believe mental health professionals such as Psychologists, Social Workers and Mental Health Occupational Therapists should play an integral role in improving the wellbeing of students, whilst offering valuable support to parents, teachers and the whole school community. The benefits of mental health and wellbeing staff supporting primary and high school communities has been well researched. Improvements in student wellbeing leads to enhanced learning and overall life outcomes.   

​Grow Wellbeing enables Australian schools to take a positive step in whole of school wellbeing support. This is achieved through our team of experts, their knowledge of wellbeing issues and how to successfully utilise Medicare funding and other available funding sources. We bring the GP and Mental Health expertise into your school and manage the process of early identification, therapeutic support and ongoing outcome measurements. Our individual and group sessions are 100% bulk-billed through Medicare. 

Our Services Include:

  • Individual therapy support for students

  • Tailored group sessions

  • Personalised whole of class support

  • Ongoing mental health and wellbeing monitoring 

  • Parental wellbeing support and mediation services

  • Student behaviour analysis and management

  • Ongoing support for teachers 

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