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retirement villages

A powerful Value added Service that achieves positive wellbeing outcomes for Residents and Village. 

By partnering with Grow Wellbeing we can work together to continually improve Resident wellbeing and foster a culture that promotes healthy living and thinking.  

Grow Wellbeing  offers mobile Wellbeing and Lifestyle support tailored to Retirement Village Residents needs. From weekly chats supporting Residents relaxation, developing group activities to facilitating a greater sense of social interaction, Grow Wellbeing staff are available as an ongoing permanent support for Residents and their Village.     

Based in Adelaide, South Australia Grow Wellbeing is committed to supporting communities wanting to enhance the support services offered to their Residents while developing a mutually beneficial relationship that adds value to organisations Wellbeing brand.  

We provide exceptional administration support to our Health Professionals making sure they can focus on whats important.....Resident Wellbeing and lifestyle needs.  

Grow Wellbeing's services are easily implemented and  FREE OF CHARGE.

our services


  • One to One Support: Our staff are their for your Residents to listen, care, confide, support. Depending on the need, our staff can provide weekly or as needed Visits that focus on a variety of needs from practising relaxation techniques, improve sleep routine, help to process a family death, support to improve their Lifestyle and deal with ongoing practical life issues that arise. 

  • Group Sessions: Focused on a variety of Wellbeing skills (relaxation, mindful movement, walking group, memory building. Groups are created once the Psychologist knows Residents interests).

  • Ongoing weekly communication with Village managers: We work for you and help chase up ongoing Resident issues from home care needs to supporting a Resident with grief/loss, we provide a referral form for Village Managers to communicate when required.  

  • Ongoing lifestyle support: Helping Residents review their routine recreational activities and help to maximise quality of life.

  • Early Stage Dementia Support and memory development strategies. 


Retirement Villages


  • Working for the Village manager our staff are there to chase up ongoing Residents issues and provide informal support on a weekly ongoing basis. 

  • Help to facilitate home Care referrals and improve communication channels between Resident and Village manager.  

  •  Early onset Dementia Education. 

  • mediation support to help resolve Resident complaints and disputes fast. 

  • Support to help Residents resolve family issues. 

Grow Wellbeing Retirement Village Services brings Mental Wellness to your Village, providing weekly ongoing support at the Village and Residents fingertips and we provide this service free of charge. 


Our Services are tailored to each and every Resident needs, helping to manage with issues such as mild depression, anxiety, sleep problems, to coping with adjustment difficulties, family issues, dealing with declining health, home care support,chronic pain or bereavement. We are there for your Residents on an ongoing basis.

Our staff take direction from Village managers; working together to chase up practical life issues as they arise for Residents and helping with contacting and coordinating services. We provide an onsite Folder enabling communication between our staff member and the Village manager leading to improved support and satisfaction levels for Residents.    



Grow Wellbeing services have evidenced its service within multiple Retirement Villages across metropolitan Adelaide. To date we have demonstrated the following benefits to Residents and Village:

Improved sleep, mood, cognitive and memory function, Increased social interaction within Village, supported Isolated Residents to meet up with similar interests, supported multiple Residents to work through grief/loss, facilitated positive outcomes in Resident complaints and helped Residents resolve family relationship breakdown.


We would like to present our service to your Village because we know how much we can help and we have thought through our service in detail enabling easy service implementation and make sure there are no hidden costs, we are a free of charge service.   

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