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As a parent you are your child’s/adolescents greatest resource. In turn they are their own greatest resource and the greatest resource society has. What matters most then is the interaction and connection you have with your child and all the wider connections this involves. At GWB we make this interconnection central to our treatment focus. At an individual level this is expressed in our holistic approach which allows us to see and treat your child/adolescent as a whole person. And at a wider level it means we see and treat your child as part of a family, a school community.

This interconnections we call systemic. What it means for you as a parent is your connection to your child’s treatment is essential in achieving the best possible outcome. As each child and set of circumstances is different your role in how best to be part of the process of helping your child will be different and our approach tailored to best meet this. So your involvement may range between being informed about your child’s treatment response through attending some sessions with them to having your own Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). The option of having your own MHCP recognises that you are part of a family which often has unique needs and difficult circumstances or simply be in need of information on how best to help your child/adolescent.


At GWB we have a multidisciplinary team with clinical expertise in individual and family based therapies. We are able to provide family and parent therapy In-home, school, identified safe community location or via our head office. Accessing treatment involves either contacting our head office administration and/or completing the referral form.

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