Grow wellbeing employs a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals who are able to provide support via NDIS. If your child is on NDIS and would like school based and/or home based support please contact us.

As our staff are permanently based within primary and high schools so we are able to maximise the benefits for NDIS clients through our  established long term relationships with key teaching and wellbeing staff. This enables greater collaboration and a higher likelihood of success. 

A key benefit of working with grow wellbeing is our ability to access a range of allied health professional expertise and advice. For example if one of our staff members is not completely sure about therapy direction they can contact internal consultant GP’s, Psychiatry expertise, Social worker expertise, OT expertise and Psychology expertise. Staff and referred clients can easily access a broad range of support enabling a higher likelihood of positive therapeutic outcomes.

For further information please contact administration on (08)82342562. 

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