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At GWB we treat all health problems that are emotionally or psychologically caused and the associated mental health problems. As approximately 75% of all people with emotionally caused symptoms do need seek treatment, the majority because they regard the symptoms they have as simply problems of day to day living, it is important you do not dismiss your difficulties in this way. Problems with sleep or reduced energy could be related to depression, finding your thoughts leading you into worrying could be related to anxiety, experiencing difficulties in relationships could be related to a variety of emotionally based conditions. All these conditions, and approximately 20% of all people in Australia at any one time have significant mental health problems, can be treated and resolved. So it is worth contacting us for an assessment.

Mental health conditions can take many forms. However Anxiety, Depressive, and Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorders are the most common groups.


GWB staff We will listen carefully and sensitively to you and pay attention to what you need and want throughout the entire treatment process. And your treatment will not involve any out of pocket cost to you. This is because at GWB we accept the Medicare rebate as full payment. We do this because we recognise it is the only way a large number of people can access the treatment they need and we do not want to discriminate between any individual who requires help on the basis of wealth.

It is important to know all GWB health practitioners are either fully accredited with Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) or the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). 

At GWB we use a holistic based approach to your treatment. We do this recognising you are a whole person who is connected to your overall situation and environment. And these connections are part of who you are and where you fit. They are therefore vital to your health and lifestyle, your treatment and recovery. This is why we employ a community based treatment approach because you live in your community, in your own situation, not in an office or treatment centre. Viewed in this way a community based approach-which also has many additional benefits, including convenience with no travel costs or time waiting-is an extension of a holistic approach. It treats you the whole person in a wholesome and seamless way by recognising and treating you in your context.

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