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The service you must have to achieve excellence in quality care 

Grow Wellbeing understands the needs of Aged Care providers, that's why we bring flexibility to our Mental Health Service offering. Having one of our highly experienced Social Workers/Psychologists on site weekly, provides improved quality care in a variety of clinical and non-clinical areas.

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Services Available to Aged Care providers include:
Aged Care Services

  • One to One Support: 10 Sessions per calendar year, provided confidentially within your own room.​

  • Group Sessions: 10 group sessions available per Resident each calendar year.

  • Informal Ongoing support: Keeping you on-track depending on your personal needs.

  • Group Sessions: 10 Sessions per calendar year, run by one of our caring staff. Group sessions include, developing copying strategies, relaxation techniques and general moral support in a caring supportive environment.​

  • Advocacy and Conflict Resolution Support.

  • Ongoing Emotional support.

A New team member that brings real benefits to our clients


  • Dementia behavioural support.

  • Palliative Care Counselling.

  • ACFI Consultation.

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

  • Staff Education.

Dementia Disruptive behaviour support 

Complex behaviours related to Dementia and Mental Disorder are on the increase and is taking up valuable staff time. Grow Wellbeing staff are experts in Assessing and identifying solutions to complex behaviours. By having a Mental Health expert on site weekly you will be able to take a proactive approach to managing your Residents Dementia care. Using our expertise and evidenced based approach to managing complex and disruptive behaviours will  lead to reductions in the use of medications that have negative side effects.    

Grow Wellbeing Social workers/Psychologists assist staff in dealing with aggressive and complex behaviours providing practical advice on an ongoing basis and behavioural plans to guide staff on a day to day practical level.   

Dementia behavioural support

Palliative Care Counselling

Grow Wellbeing offers informal counselling support to Family members and Residents working through Palliative care.

Dealing with the intense emotions associated with grief can be overwhelming without the proper support and information. Grow Wellbeing Social workers/Psychologists have information and skills that help facilitate grief and help Family and Residents reduce problems that can lead to more complicated reactions like depression. Our approach focuses on supporting Residents and their families with honesty, respect and without judgement through a very difficult time.

Palliative Care Counselling

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Grow Wellbeing offers our Aged Care provider clients mediation services to help reduce conflict, complaints and identify solutions to Family member grievances while minimising the time taken away from core clinical staff and management. We believe by openly offering free mediation services to Family members we take a pro active approach to dealing with Family/Resident issues before they escalate. By working as the fist point of contact, Grow Wellbeing Social Workers/Psychologists can work with Family members in a therapeutic framework that aids mediation towards outcomes that get to the heart of the issue while identifying realistic solutions that are achievable for our clients.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

ACFI Consultation

There is strong evidence showing Mental Disorder affecting Aged Care Residents, has a profound impact on a Residents capacity to function and complete Activities of Daily Living. Depression can lead Residents to experience reduced motivation, reduced appetite and reduced willingness to self initiate feeding. It causes increased risk of skin integrity breakdown through prolonged sitting and slowed motor response requiring extra staff to supervise and assist in transfers and mobility.

At Grow Wellbeing we believe by having an experienced Mental Health expert onsite available to answer complex questions, you will have access to an invaluable team member.  Grow Wellbeing  staff  can help link complex functional problems to Mental Disorder that at times can be over looked. We are capable of providing further Assessments to evidence cognitive and Mental Disorder affect on functional ability, aiding in the mutual goal of achieving maximum ACFI Funding.

ACFI Consultation

Staff Education

Aged Care Mental Health and Dementia related behaviours are becoming increasingly difficult for staff to manage, putting staff at risk, both physically and Mentally. Research has shown a Aged Care staff lack knowledge and practical skills in the area of Mental Health, Dementia and how to effectively work with associated disruptive and complex behaviours.

Grow Wellbeing is capable of providing onsite education and support to staff both informally and formally at all levels based on our clients’ needs. We are capable of providing education in the following areas free of charge:

  • Dementia and complex behaviour management

  • Interpersonal skills; how to communicate and work with Dementia

  • Mental Disorder and how it affects Residents

  • Minimising staff injuries through mindfulness based action

  • Looking after our Mental Health

Staff Education
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